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You can’t help all the time


Training in Penetration Testing is as rewarding as it is difficult. A massive soul searching path that can teach you a lot about yourself, how you think and react to different environments.

I try my best to help others if my expertise supports it. Sometimes it’s better for the person asking, if you did not help. There’s a few reasons for that.

  1. They may ask far too many questions
  2. The things they ask can be found easily on searches
  3. There seems to be no effort on their part

It’s not easily identifiable at first, however, shortly after you open yourself to help some people, the questions come flooding in and fast.

The Journey


This is what your view is like when you start Penetration Testing training. You know there’s a path but where do you start? What if you go the wrong way?

If you go the wrong way you just need to find yourself a new route. You don’t know if it’s a sound path, however, you give it a shot because you are determined to find the path. Some people don’t want to find the path. They want you to tell them where the path is, skipping that crucial learning experience of being able to find a way through the mess.

Testing yourself, knowing your limits and reaching your breaking points are key to learning as much about yourself as the test itself. Catching sight of your goal through the trees will do wonders for your confidence. Even better if you find it on your own.

Some helpful souls will recognise your efforts and leave little arrow signs on the trees to help you on your way. It’s a measure of their faith in you so keep going.

For those who find frustration with receiving no answers to questions on forums. Those who feel like giving up because “No one ever helps me” or those who want the title of a Pen Tester but are work shy, I can offer this advice.

Beat yourself to achieve your goals. Set yourself realistic goals. Kill self doubt and learn to find what you are looking for. Talk face to face with other InfoSec people and jump into the deep end whenever you feel scared.


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